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Hi, I’m André, and for most of my life I’ve documented the cities I’ve lived in, friends and jobs I’ve had, my family, and the natural world around me. Pairing images with text is an essential part of my work, both professional and personal. I’ve designed books and magazines for over 20 years, working with all kinds of photographers, and many of my best days were on photoshoots.

I’m coming to terms with how important photography has been to my life. So I started this newsletter to share some things I’ve seen, and to ask others why they make and post photos.

What will I post?

  • Photo essays about people, places, and pastimes.

  • Stories that are photo-centric: commentary on cinematography, apps, trends; memories of magazines, experiences, photo labs.

  • Interviews with photographers, professional and amateur.

  • An inevitable share of gear talk, but no deliberate equipment reviews.

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Where photography is the pastime.


André Mora

Magazine designer, editor, and photographer in Seattle. I’ve taught publication design and worked for type foundries. I like useful yards.